• Who can certify my documents for ACE?

    Documents must be legally certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP), lawyer, a court registrar or police officer. To find a JP close to you check out Find a Justice of Peace.

  • Additional information for references

    Each graduate is required to identify, discuss and agree with 3 Senior Medical Officers (SMO) who have supervised them clinically in 6th year as a trainee intern, to act as referees. 

    Your referees must be an SMO or Consultant who is vocationally registered in the specialty they are working, or who is working as a General Practitioner. In the case that your SMO or Consultant is vocationally registered overseas, they must be registered in a comparable health country as outlined by MCNZ to be eligible to supply a reference for you.


    Where a Trainee Intern (TI) is going on an overseas elective during the first half of their TI year ACE will allow the graduate to supply ONE reference which is an exception to the above requirements. 

    In these cases ACE will accept:

    • One of these 3 references from the second half of a graduates fifth year. 


    • One reference from a graduates elective provided: it is from a hospital that is included in the MCNZ list of current comparable health systems; OR the clinical supervisor providing a reference for an elective in a non-comparable health country possesses a current practising certificate and has vocational scope of practice with either the New Zealand Medical Council, Australian Medical Council, General Medical Council (GMC) or Irish Medical Councils.

    Applicants in this situation must supply 2 further references from supervising clinicians in their final year.

    If you have any extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from meeting the above requirements (for example you were doing research during your fifth year and will be on elective in the first half of the sixth year) you should contact the ACE centre as early as possible to discuss your options.

  • Why do I need to preference 6 Employers?

    The requirement to select a minimum of 6 preferred employers assists towards a fair process for all graduates. Throughout a doctor's career there will be times when moving regions, and sometimes countries, is required. As such, it is strongly advised that applicants be prepared to move outside the region in which they currently reside. It is recommended that you clearly stipulate in your cover letter if you are in a situation that makes it difficult to move to another employer region, however please note this does not mean a match to that employer will be guaranteed.

  • Information for paired applicants

    ACE allows for couples who wish to work together at the same employer and who are both applying via ACE in the same intake, to submit their applications as a pair. However, there are potential consequences you should consider before deciding to apply as a pair as these may impact your match outcome!

    1. The ACE algorithm will consider the pair based on the lowest eligibility category of the two applicants.
    2. The ACE algorithm will consider the pair based on the lowest employer ranking of the two applicants. 
    3. A match can only be facilitated where there are 2 PGY1 positions still available at the time the algorithm considers the pair.

    Please note that paired applications cannot be unpaired once applications close. 

    More information regarding applying as a pair can be found in the ACE RMO Applicant Guide

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