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About ACE...


Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria to apply via ACE for a first year House Officer position in New Zealand.

Application Process Overview

Make sure you are 100% across the ACE process.

ACE Match Overview

Full details on how the ACE algorithm matches graduates to their highest possible preferred employer.

Information for Australian Graduates

Specific information for Australian Graduates wanting to apply for a first year House Officer position in New Zealand.


Indicative positions for each employer taking part in the ACE process.

Important ACE Dates

Ensure you are familiar with when applications open, close and other key dates. A full timeline is available here.

Employer Information

Contact details and key information of each employer to help you chose your employer preferences. 

ACE Resources

Get access to a CV templates, physical reference forms, algorithm videos, recent ACE newsletters and presentations.


Got a question about ACE? Your question may already be answered in our FAQs section.


A comprehensive list of common questions can be found in the FAQ section above.

  • What is ACE?

    The ACE scheme was developed to simplify the application processes for new graduates wanting to apply for their first positions within the 20 New Zealand District Health Boards (DHBs). The ACE scheme simplifies the recruitment process for graduates by using a centralised match process which simultaneously considers the graduates work place (employer) preference as well as the employer's preference of graduates.

    ACE is a tried and tested process, the ACE system has been in place for RMOs for the last 13 years and is the most effective way to gain a first year House Officer (PGY1) position for graduates who are able to start at the beginning of the training year as well as those who are not.

    The ACE scheme uses a centralised matching process. After placing each graduates’s preferences against each employer’s preference of applicants, because the ACE system ensures that each successful graduate receives only 1 offer of employment, as each position in each employer is filled, these graduates are removed from the list of available candidates, opening up positions for other graduates, simultaneously in all 20 DHB employers across the country.

  • How do I apply to ACE?

    You can register with ACE and create a profile at any time here. Once applications open, you will then be able to start your ACE application. You can access this application and amend any part of until applications close.  Your application status MUST be complete at the close-off date to be considered for the next stage. Note that there is no “submit” button for the ACE process, you can confirm your application status by reviewing your checklist.

  • What do I need to do to complete my ACE application?

    • Confirm you meet the ACE eligibility criteria
    • Answer all questions in the application form
    • Upload your up-to-date CV
    • Upload a copy of your certified academic transcript 
    • Upload your clinical results/dean’s commendations
    • Attach certified copies of your citizenship or residency documents
    • Supply three complete references
    • Preference, in order, the employers you wish to work for 
    • Attach cover letters for the employers you wish to work for (optional)

    Full details on what is required as part of your ACE application can be found in the Application Process section.

  • Who can complete my ACE reference forms?

    ACE references must be completed by an SMO or Consultant who is vocationally registered in the specialty they are working, or who is working as a General Practitioner. In the case that a supervising SMO or Consultant is vocationally registered overseas, they must be registered in a comparable health country as outlined by MCNZ to be eligible to supply a reference for you.

    ACE only accepts references obtained from your TI year placements where the referee has observed your skills in a clinical setting. 

    In exceptional circumstances, where a trainee intern (TI) or sixth year medical student is going on an overseas elective during the first half of their TI year ACE will allow the graduate to supply ONE reference which is an exception to the above requirements. 

    In these cases ACE will accept:

    • One of these 3 references from the second half of a graduates fifth year. 


    Applicants in this situation must supply 2 further references from supervising clinicians in their final year.


  • What if I cannot commence at the start of the training year?

    It is preferred that you be available to commence employment at the start of the relevant training year (November 2016). However, if this is not possible you will need to indicate this and the reason in your ACE application and Cover Letter. Your details will be sent to the employers you preference and your application will be marked as a late start. Employers will then have the option to rank your application or not. If an employer is unable to accommodate a late start they are not obligated to rank you.

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