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Check that you meet the eligibility criteria to apply via ACE RMO for a first year House Officer position in New Zealand.

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Got a question about ACE? Your question may already be answered in our FAQs section.


A comprehensive list of common questions can be found in the FAQ section above.

  • What if I don't apply through ACE during my TI year?

    An applicant who decides not to apply through the ACE scheme during their final year at Medical School (to complete research, Honours or any other personal reasons) will only be eligible to apply for the intake immediately following the completion of their final exams.

    Those applicants who choose to defer their first application for a year will not be eligible to apply a second time if unsuccessful in their first application attempt as they will no longer meet the above eligibility criteria that stipulates applicants can only apply in the intake immediately at the end of their final year of medical school or the intake immediately following. By deferring, these applicants therefore forgo one of their two possible application attempts.

  • What if I cannot commence at the start of the training year?

    It is preferred that you are available to attend the orientation and commence employment at the start of the relevant training year (end November usually). However, if this is not possible you will need to indicate this and the reason in your ACE application and Cover Letter. Your details will be sent to the employers you preferred and your application will be marked as a late start. Employers will then have the option to rank your application or not. If an employer is unable to accommodate a late start they are not obligated to rank you.

  • Will I get ranked by all the DHBs that I have preferred in my application?

    The DHBs will review and assess all the applications that they receive, however they might only rank applicants who they think are suitable to work at their DHBs. This means that even if you have preferred a DHB, they might not rank you. This is a very important information to remember when you get you match results.

  • What is the ACE Applicant Guide?

    ACE Applicant guide is a very useful tool which gives an in-depth overview of the entire ACE process and step by step instruction for what you need to do to complete your ACE application. Most of the times you’ll find that the answers to the question you may have are available in the ACE Applicants Guide.

    Click here to access the 2020 ACE Applicant Guide - ACE Applicant Guide 

  • Paired Applicants.

    ACE allows for couples who wish to work together at the same DHB and who are both applying via ACE in the same intake, to submit their applications as a pair. However, there are potential consequences you should consider before deciding to apply as a pair as these may impact your match outcome!

    1. The ACE algorithm will consider the pair based on the lowest eligibility category of the two applicants.
    2. The ACE algorithm will consider the pair based on the lowest employer ranking of the two applicants. 
    3. A match can only be facilitated where there are 2 PGY1 positions still available at the time the algorithm considers the pair.

    After you have entered the accurate information under the paired applicants section in your ACE application, the DHBs will be aware that your application is a paired application. More information regarding applying as a pair can be found in the ACE Applicant Guide

  • I am having trouble converting my documents into PDF format.

    We have added some instructions in the ACE Applicant Guide (Page 15) to help you convert documents in PDF format. Please click here to access the current ACE Applicant Guide 

  • Do I have to disclose my DHB preferences to the DHBs during the DHB ranking process?

    As per the ACE business rules agreed to by all DHBs, applicant DHB preferences are confidential and DHBs have been advised not to seek this information. ACE does not provide this information to DHBs, and you are not required to disclose your preferences to DHBs at any stage of the ACE RMO Intake.

    If a DHB does ask you to disclose your DHB Preference Ranking, ACE recommends that you decline to answer the question, as you are not obliged to and have been advised not to provide this information. In addition to this, please also contact the ACE Centre and inform them of the breach.

  • What are the next steps for unmatched applicants and what is the Talent Pool?

    All unmatched applicants are placed in the Talent Pool automatically. The Talent Pool is a list of all unmatched applicants maintained by ACE which is released to the DHBs at the end of each Intake. The DHBs use the Talent Pool to fill any subsequent PGY1 positions that may be available during the year. There is no category priority applied to the applicants in the talent pool and the DHBs can review and select any applicant that they feel is suitable for employment at their DHB.

    Following the date of the offers (check under important dates) if you are prepared to accept jobs with other DHBs that you had not initially ranked in your application you can write to the recruitment contacts at those DHBs and let them know that you are on the talent pool and are prepared to work for them should a vacancy arise. The contact information for ACE employers can be found on the ACE nursing website. We also recommend that you check the DHBs career websites and Kiwi Health Job website regularly for any additional vacancies. 

    ACE will accept any new/updated documents including references from the applicants who are in the Talent Pool and will add it to their application on the ACE system. All new documents will be available to the DHBs via the Talent Pool. 

    Please note that any new references that are submitted must be completed on the ACE reference form which needs to be requested directly from the ACE consultant. Once the new references are added to your talent pool application, the old reference forms will no longer be accessible.


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